Immediate Support.

Do you want to develop your company further? Your company is in crisis? An important employee/ performer is missing? Do you need professional support in the short term? 

I would be happy to help you find a solution!

"Marcus Krafft -  Supply Chain Executive"

My offer as Interim Manager

Supply Chain Management: In many industries, the requirements on supply chains are increasing significantly - changing customer requirements, volatile markets and political crises determine both short and long-term planning. This makes it all the more important for SCM to ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly. To achieve this, many departments in the company must be coordinated and harmonized - in addition to procurement, logistics, production and sales, for example, accounting, marketing and product development must also be incorporated into supply chain management. At the same time, there is often great potential for savings in the supply chains. As an interim manager in the supply chain, I help you to leverage these potentials and support you in making the supply chains in your company as robust and efficient as possible.

Purchasing: In the global procurement market, professionalism in purchasing is indispensable and requires expert knowledge. As an interim manager for purchasing, I help you to realize cost improvements quickly and effectively and support you in ensuring quality, cost efficiency and competitiveness, as well as in optimizing supply chains and processes.

Strategic Supplier Management: In order to secure the desired purchasing success in the long term, strategic supplier management is important. Here, risks are recorded, evaluated and mapped in a key figure system. Measures are developed and work is done to improve the delivery capability of your suppliers. As an interim manager, I help you to optimize your supplier relationships and make them sustainable.

Logistics: Planning is one thing, performance is another. Logistics is to a large extent responsible for the physical storage and movement of goods. Environmental conditions, traffic chaos and boundless mobility are the major challenges. As an interim manager in logistics, I help you to develop secure concepts to meet the constantly changing new requirements with foresight.